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Headlight modulator

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Good Day: One of my friends wants to by a headlight modulator for his 03 Burgman 650.
Does anyone know if they are legal in New Brunswick Canada? If they are ,where is the best place to purchase one.
Are there different models for different bikes and if so which one would be right for the 03 Burgman 650. Thanks for any
help.... Captain Nemo 1 ........... :thumbup: :D :D
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Leo38 said:
They are legal in all Provinces of Canada.

Plug 'n Play models are easiest to install. Kisan Technologies & Kriss are popular manufacturers.
Just Google 'motorcycle headlight modulators' and search for the deals. Cheaper to buy from U.S. vs. Canada.
Look for USPS shipping & not UPS.
Also check eBay.

Absolutely not legal in Quebec, not 100% sure but me think not legal in N-B also.

In Quebec provincial police stop you if you have this, not allowed to have such flashing light on private vehicle. All flashing light of such type only for emergency & rescu vehicle.

Quebec motorcycle federation make presentation to gouvernement for have this accepted, this under study only for now, but all different police in province not for such gizmo.
Me check with Federation of Motorcyclist here, it represent 144,000 motorcyclist, here Highway Safety Act not change for permit modulator, presently still not legal, this coming but transport ministry want special condition for such modulator so be different from emergency vehicle, also want motorcycle have 3 point light in triangle pattern if possible.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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