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Headlight modulator

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Good Day: One of my friends wants to by a headlight modulator for his 03 Burgman 650.
Does anyone know if they are legal in New Brunswick Canada? If they are ,where is the best place to purchase one.
Are there different models for different bikes and if so which one would be right for the 03 Burgman 650. Thanks for any
help.... Captain Nemo 1 ........... :thumbup: :D :D
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Basically IF the low beams stay lit at all times and the high beams modulate then in USA they are legal at times of daylight. They are NOT flashing. Modulators should have a sensor that shuts them off at night.

knucklehead said:
One very good way to gain visibility is to use amber lights. They are very visible in low light and in foggy conditions.
This is what I have done by wiring my turnsignals up with "Magic Blinkers" and bright LED bulbs. It glows amber to the sides so the cars next to me can see it. And at night it also illuminates the side of the road slightly. But in the driving snow they are too high up and that amber glow is reflected back some, not bad but some. I will try to park my Burgman next to the wifes Buick like if we were side by side on the freeway and post a picture. I'd post a Vid if I knew how.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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