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headlamp modulator on my 650....2 week impression

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Ive had my headlamp modulator from for a few weeks now. Ive got mixed feelings about it. Immediately i found people noticing me. (its doing its job). I also found many people were confused and irritated. On the highway to work, last 35 miles out of Las Vegas. Older people in RVs keep pulling off the road cause they must think Im a cop. I get up to traffic lights and people tell me that something is wrong with my lights. I explain what it is and most people say "It works! Cool!" a few people just give me a disgusting look. 20 % of the time when I enter the highway or interstate with lamps modulating, people get out of the way cause they think im a cop. As soon as I pass them they speed up and get back infront of me to prove ??something?

I think because the modulator is not common, most people are confused and irritated.

Anyone else have an experience with modulators?

Ive thought about hooking them up to the low beams for a few weeks to see what happens.

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Greengoose, have you considered leaving your modulator connected to the high beams but running with your lights on low. When approaching an intersection where you feel that another motorist may not have seen you, use the "PASS" button to attract their attention with your flashing high beams.
I do switch between the high beams which modulate in the day and the normal low beams. I dont like switching them on right in the middle of traffic. When I do that I get instant response from drivers....they think im a cop and everyone starts moving over. Then they get pissed when they find out im not a cop. Its good most of the time but the few times of confusement (sp) seems to ruin the whole idea of the modulator.
I got the modulator

I got the same modulator as you did. How do you get at the back of the bulbs, I haven't got my service manual yet. (backordered) Also they said something about being carefull not to use the high beam flasher once you have it installed. Any help would be great. :lol:
Modulating head lights

Never came accross modulating headlights in Europe sofar. Bicycles and mopeds sometimes have modulating lights and I must say their visibility is less than riders with continous burning headlights.

Suppose that a modulating light is 50% on and 50% off, than the average light intensity is 50% of a continuously burning light.
I only can image that you use a flashing light to draw the attention of motorists that are close to you. I sometimes use the pass sign for this purpose.

If you would like to enhance the visibility of a motor rider, wouldn't it be better to have the indicator lights on all the time?

The modulator doesn't turn your light on and off, it modulates the intensity from 15-100% using the high beam, it turns off automaticly at night.
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