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Headache = Windscreen?

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Just got back from a 50 mile ride and my head is literally aching. Even with ear plugs in and a full fact helmet, seems the wind noise was killer. Thinking this is a sign that I need to replace my stock POS windscreen with the Givi Airflow. I know many of you 400 owners made the switch, so wondering if the wider and/or taller screen helped eliminate the rushing wind noise? I feel like I can still hear it even after 1/2 hour inside the house. At first, I thought the Givi would not be necessary for me since I am a shorty - thought only taller folks had the issue of where the wind swept over them - but turns out this might just be a universal problem with the stock hefty sack mounted up front.
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Remove the windshield altogether while you're waiting for the new shield and the noise will be cut down considerably.....I did that while waiting for my sport w/shield.
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