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Has anyone bought these 650 side case racks?

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I don't mean any disrespect to Kiwi Dave and his side rack brackets for the 650 but my funds are limited for farkels on ALF ( and I'm cheap) but has anyone here bought these racks? They look like good quality. Not as good as Kiwi Daves but will do the job. I have some top boxes the slucop ( Happy Harvey ) may he RIP, sent to me before he pasted away.

Any and all feedback would be appreciated.

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Speaking of things flying off...
I have a givi trunk mounted to a givi rack on my 650. should be sturdy and fail safe...right??
last summer, while cruising around 50 mph, I went over a set of RR tracks that weren't quite as "smooth" as I thought they'd be. Well, after the last bump, my trunk came flying off and bouncing down the road. Thank god no one was behind me.
I do have to say, the trunk and top rack help up very well considering what it went through.

But, I'll be putting a bolt through the trunk and rack with a wing nut & split washer to totally secure it. Wing nut will allow easy removal if ever needed.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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