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handlebar risers

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Question....I've read all the back posts about the Gen-mar 1" up ones but has anyone put the 1 3/8 " set back ones on their 400 or 650 and if so how did they fit? [as far as cable reach etc. thanks eyes5002
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eyes5002 said:
has anyone put the 1 3/8 " set back ones on their 400 or 650 and if so how did they fit? [as far as cable reach etc. thanks eyes5002
I have put home made risers like you described on both a 650 and 400. You will need to rearrange the cables a little.

However, recently I was trying to put some similar HB extensions on my new 650 and the cables "seemed" short. But I did not remove the cable retainer or rearrange the cables due to the risers not fitting properly. I will retry when I get the new risers made.
GenMar Risers

I am testing both sets of risers for GenMar as we speak. The 1" up risers seem to work fine (still testing). However, the up and back risers when installed caused the throttle to stick (cable binding). The 650 will be in the shop soon to see what would be needed to change for the up and back risers to work. All of this information is being reported back to GenMar, who is very interested in being able to provide risers for the Burgmans. I'll keep the group updated.

I see this is your first post, so welcome to BurgmanUSA. You might want to stick a post in the "Who are u, Where are u from" area when you get a chance. Thanks for the input on the GenMars.
Welcome to the BurgmanUSA forums David . Glad to have you join us.
Thanks everyone for the replys. Cockrell4917 I look forward to your test results. Pauljo, thanks for the welcome but I,ve been a member for some time now I dont know why it says Mar 04 but anyway...I dont post alot . Thanks again everybody eyes5002
Riser update

I now have the 1" up risers from GenMar installed and adjusted. My wife and I rode Saturday for about 160 miles and Sunday for about 110 miles. Today I rode solo for about 70 miles. The risers changed the comfort factor for the better beyond my wildest dreams. No more shoulder and neck pain. I also feel as though I have much better control. The install took less than 30 minutes. You will need a 6mm allen socket wrench. Everything works well with no binding cables and nothing hits (windshield, mirrors...). The only noticable thing is that there is a gap between the handle bar covers and the dash. This is not a problem and it is only noticable if you look from an angle with your eyes lower than the key switch. Other than the Corbin close seat and the Clearview xl with vent, this is the best thing to happen to the Burgman 650.
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That is good to hear David Cockrell4917.

I am sort of in a quandry here. I have the corbin "regular" seat and I love it's quality and butt feel, but I am really stretched out to reach the bars.

I hate to plunk dowm mo money on risers because they are (IMO) quite expensive. My stock seat and OEM bar setup was OK without the backrest. **** near comfy actually. Maybe I should let go of my corbin seat and backrest, replace the stock seat, and maybe do a lil modifications to it.

I do know that I felt cramped, leg wise, with the butt-bumped/rested stock seat. I have a 32/33" leg seam and a 34/35" arm. Go figure. I love that corbin though. If I could only get the bars back to me! Even without risers, my idle rises a hundred rpms when i twist my handlebars all the way to one side (left - i think) which tells me that something in askew.

sigh - a puzzler.
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First of all... If your rpms change when you turn your handlebars, you need to have that looked at by whoever services your bike. This tells me that your cables are being pulled. This is not normal. By my test, I had between 1" and 1 3/8" of slack without rerouting any cables. I have found that the Corbin close model sits back just a bit more than the stock seat with the butt rest. I too tried the orig. Corbin and found it way too streached out. My inseam is only 29". I changed from the orig. to the close model. With the risers, everything is near perfect. Have you tried out the close model to see if it would solve this problem? Finding the right combination for good ergonomics is very complex on the Burgman since so many factors are fixed (seat, floorboards) and the options can be expensive. But believe me, finding that right combination makes this the best machine I have ever owned. Don't give up.
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yippee, hooray, yahoo........ .......thats my reaction after getting back from a 75mi. ride today in 45 deg weather in wisconsin , but I couldn't wait to try out my Gen-mar mfg. 1" up and 1 3/8" back risers. They totally elimanated my shoulder and upper back fatique from stretching to reach the handlebars, especially since I added my utopia backrest and highway pegs which allowed me to relax back even further[see gallery-enter highway pegs in search] You will notice in one of the pictures in the normal riding position my arms are almost fully extended. Now with my heels up on the pegs and relaxed back into the backrest my arms are still bent into not quite a 90 degree angle [sorry no picture] my inseam is 30' and arm length is 32". height 5'-8". As far as install on my '03 400 Burgman it was about a 25 minute job and most of that time was in trying to get the nylon tie strap attached just under the dash area loose that holds the handlebar electrical wires just a little too tight. You can dislodge the plastic pin part of the strap from its hole from underneath the frt wheel with a long screw driver then it allows more than enough slack in the electrical lines and still doesn't let them rub anywhere that they not supposed too. You don't have to take anything off other than the handlebar covers. all the other brake lines. throttle cables had more than enough slack to allow left to right turns to the stops without any problems.From the drivers view everything looks stock, but from the side the plastic covers are up about 2' leaving a gap that allows you to see the hoses, wires etc . I think that issue could easily be fixed with foam or something. Its a small price to pay for the added comfort I've gained. I believe Cockrell is in the process of trying these on his 650 and has already reported on the success of the 1" up style. They cost me 116.00 with shipping but well worth it to me ,especially since I no longer have my shop to fabricate my own . just fyi. thanks eyes5002
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Man... That is so cool. I'm glad this is working for you. I can't wait to try the up and back set. Didn't it make a good difference in the way the bike handles and in the control. Please post photos of you on the bike.
Up and back risers for 650

Sounds like the 1"up & 1.5" back works great for the 400, but maybe the cables are too short for it to work on the 650. Can anyone confirm?
David cockrell, I finally added a picture of me on the burgman with the gen-mar 1' up 1' 3/8 back showing my arm angle, I love them. see at thanks eyes5002
Hi all,
after getting tired arms on my recent trips, I was curious as well about the handle bar risers.

What size is the bar on the 650?

Captainfish, I own a 400 and they are 7/8 " not sure of the 650. I like my 1'up and 1 3/8" back but I notice more air noise since the handlebar cover/shroud has a bigger gap now...I guess I'll have to fabricate a cover for the gap or live with the noise because I'm not giving up the extra comfort . safe riding eyes5002
The Burgman 650 has a 7/8" bar. That is pretty much standard for all Japanese bikes. Harleys have a 1" bar. I think the Euro bikes are 7/8" also, but I am not positive.
thanks Paul and Eyes!
I went to Genmar's website. I don't see where they post the part for the up and back risers for the burgman 650. They have them for the SV650, but not the AN650.
Anybody know where to look for them?

wilderdays. You will have to order the universal 7/8" ones , they dont have a listing specific yet for burgmans . you can get them in black or chrome. my part # was X-102. Cost 109.25 plus 7.00 s/h. hope this helps Eyes5002
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