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This is my final update, and I'll put it at the top. The screen worked pretty good, although there were some flaws in craftsmanship. I do not recommend doing business with Mr. Gustafsson primarily due to his attitude when I called to discuss the problem with screen alignment. I think that any windscreen that costs $200 should fit perfectly, and Mr Gustafsson strongly disagreed. He was very unpleasant to speak with - not at all customer friendly, other than when selling the screen. I have since replaced this screen with an original design Clearview. I recommend dealing with Clearview because they are excellent with customer support, their product is priced better, and their product quality is very good. (I will leave the rest of this review as previously written.)

Ratings: I am not going to use the 5 point rating scale for this review. I think it is misleading, because a Clearview XL, a Clearview XXL, a Gustafsson +6, a Gustafsson +6 +6, and a Givi are all designed to give different levels of protection for different sized riders. A screen might rate a 5 for me, but only a 3 for you, depending on your size and the objectives you had in mind. So this will simply be a verbal review.

Objectives: I had a Clearview XXL. It offers the most wind protection of any screen on the market. It also extracts the largest performance penalties. Mileage dropped by 5 to 8 mpg. High speed accelleration was compromised. Top speed was reduced by about 10 - 12 mph. You can't push a piece of plastic that large through the air without suffering some loss of performance. I was unwilling to give up that much in mileage and top end performance on my 650. I also did not appreciate the very still air behind that fairing on hot Summer days. Air cools the body - I need some air flow around me. I switched back to the much smaller stock screen and upgraded my helmet to a Shoei Z-Two. I kind of enjoyed riding that way, except on very long rides (touring mostly). Having my helmet totally in the wind got a bit tiresome while doing 500 mile days. My daughter also complained of excessive wind back on the passenger seat when I took her for a ride. So my objective was to improve the wind protection somewhat over the stock screen, while taking a minimal hit on performance, and still allowing some cooling air to reach my body.

Screen Selection: Gustafsson makes a +6, which is simply 6 inches longer than the stock screen. He also makes a +6 +6, which is 6 inches longer AND about 6 inches wider than the stock screen. His screens also have a mild flip up contour at the top of the screen, which lift air flow a bit higher. I chose the +6, because it seemed to fit my objectives. He also offers a variety of tints, but I decided to go with a clear shield.

The Transaction: I called Gustafsson on July 2nd - just before the Independence day holiday. I asked if he would consider giving a discount for getting exposure to his products on BurgmanUSA. He declined. The cost of the +6 was $169.95, plus $25 shipping, for a total of $194.95. Substantially more expensive than Clearview (which was $141.23, shipped, for the XXL). On July 14th I received an email stating that my screen had shipped. A UPS tracking number was provided. Scheduled delivery was July 20th. The windscreen arrived today (July 19th), one day ahead of schedule. It was packaged in a weird shaped box - a trapezoid, looking at it from the top. The screen was in perfect condition.

Gustafsson Plastics web site:

Installation: No installation instructions were included. This is not unusual for windscreens. I have swapped windshields on my 650 so many times I could do it blindfolded. All holes were precut in the screen and they aligned properly. I had no problem removing the stock windscreen and installing the Gustafsson in less than 10 minutes.

Comparison to Stock Screen: As advertised, the Gustafsson +6 is 6" longer than the stock windscreen. This is not all vertical height, because it angles back closer to the rider's helmet at the top. It is exactly the same width as the stock screen. There are some subtle differences in contour, but nothing that grabs your eye at first.

Construction: This is a fairly thick windscreen. Optical clarity is good throughout most of the screen. It is slightly distorted toward the lower part of the screen, where some curvatures exist, but I did not find that bothersome. If you are looking through that part of the screen, it is much too tall for you. I look over the top of this screen by several inches. I do of course have to look down through it to see road surfaces close to me.

Test Ride: It is rather hot today. I took it for a 25 mile test ride, primarily interstate with some secondary roads at 3pm, and another 25 miles over country 2 lanes at about 8pm, so this is first impressions. I'll update with longer term results after returning from Scootercade (about a month from now).

Wind protection: With the stock screen the wind was hitting just at the base of my helmet chin bar. It now hits above the face shield, just below the top of the helmet. The wind is being lifted at least 6" higher. I do get some airflow on my hands, arms, and around my upper body. It is smooth air - not turbulent - just what I wanted for keeping cool. There is a barely detectable back draft effect. My helmet visor snaps shut about 10 mph earlier than with the stock screen. I was surprised by that - this helmet was obviously designed to be fully in the wind. I am getting some slight helmet buffeting now at speeds over 70 mph - wasn't getting that with the stock screen. This is my only concern. I'll have to see how much of an issue that really is over the next few weeks. Perhaps shimming the top mounts to get a steeper screen angle would help.

Screen Stability: All wind screens tend to move fore and aft a bit on the AN650 due to the rubber nut mounting system. This is most noticeable at the top of the screen - it gives the illusion of the screen "flexing". At under 60 mph I did not notice this at all with the Gustafsson - but at higher speeds it does do this - and I think that corresponds to about where the helmet buffeting sets in. It is not as bad as the Givi screen, about like the stock screen - but a little more noticeable due to the increased length.

Performance Impact: In prior testing with the stock screen and the Givi E52 trunk, burning 87 octane, I topped out at 108 mph. With the Gustafsson +6 and the Givi trunk (87 octane) I topped out at 107 mph. High speed accelleration was good. I felt a slight weave set in as I went past a semi truck at 100 mph. But my front tire is grooved some - nearing replacement condition, so I'm not going to lay that off on the windscreen just yet. Seems like a very minor performance hit with this screen - quite acceptable. Based on that, I also suspect that the impact on mileage will be very slight. I'll know in a few weeks.

Summary: It is an expensive screen. It appears to be well constructed. It comes very close to meeting my objectives. My main concern is the slight helmet buffeting at Interstate cruising speeds.

Update at two weeks of use:

The helmet buffeting and wind noise were larger issues than I had originally thought. The wind was contacting my helmet at about the right point - above the visor but below the top of the helmet. (Pushing the air completely over the helmet would defeat the vent system on the helmet.) The problem was that the air was slapping at the top and sides of the helmet - not smoothly flowing past.

I decided to reach for my wallet again, and bought 5 feet of SAENG micro-swirl edging at $12.90 per foot. This is a revision of their older stealth edging product. It has a different ridge pattern around the outside. This worked really well. With the edging installed, the air was lifted a bit higher (about 1.5 inches), still not over the helmet vents though. More importantly, the air coming off the top and sides of the windscreen was now very smooth.

I dragged out my several full face helmets, and test rode with each of them. The new Shoei Z-Two is by far the most efficient helmet when it is fully in the wind - as it is on my V-Strom. It also worked well with the shorter stock screen on the AN650. But - surprise! My HJC CL-14 was by far the quietest helmet behind the SAENG edging enhanced Gustafsson windscreen. This combination of screen, edging, and helmet gives me an extremely quiet ride. I'm very happy with it.

I had a small issue with the windscreen not lining up exactly dead center. It was off about 1/4" to the left. I called Gustafsson for assistance with this - it was an awful phone call. He immediately became very agitated, was borderline sarcastic at times, accused me of being an overly fussy customer, and went on non-stop for quite a while without allowing me an opening to speak. He is not easy to talk to when you have an issue with his product - he became very defensive. For this reason, I would not do business with him again. Unfortunate, because his product, although pricey, is a unique alternative to some of the other windscreen offerings.

Ironically, after the call, I fiddled with remounting the screen, and was able to get it aligned better. Not perfect - but close enough. I still think it is cut slightly off - a minor production defect. And, unlike Mr Gustafsson, I think that a windscreen that costs right at $200 with shipping should be perfect.

But basically my objectives have been satisfactorily met. Cost was higher than anticipated, but my goals were very focused - and yes, I am fussy about wind management. The only thing I can't really report on yet is the effect on fuel mileage. I forgot to reset my trip meter on one tank... If there is anything significant to report on fuel mileage, I'll be able to do so after the Scootercade trip.
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