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Greetings from Wichita, Kansas, USA

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Hello everyone.

I just recently purchased a used 2011 Burgman 400 ABS after selling my 2010 Piaggio MP3 250. I'm liking the Burgman's ride although I'm missing the Piaggio's pep despite the fact that both scoots weigh about the same. But I've got a question for the group that I hope you can help answer.

One of the reasons for selecting the Burgman over the Majesty was the presumably better fuel economy. I'm not an aggressive rider, but even taking things easy I seem only to be able to manage about 45 mpg on a tank of fuel. Maintaining a constant 40 mph delivers poorer fuel economy than 75 mph indicated on the highway. That seems unusual to me. It's been cool here (~30°F) and I'm sure that the fuel is a winter blend, but does that sound normal? I've checked the air filter (it's clean) and the tires are inflated properly. Before I start looking for things that are "wrong" with it I guess I'm just looking for a little assurance that things will get better or that others are experiencing this same thing. Perhaps this is normal behavior?
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Thanks everyone. I appreciate your feedback.
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