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I just needed to throw my 2 cents in about my great experience with StreetGlo.

A couple of weeks ago I purchased the small flames decals in white and super black. It seemed it was taking a while to get the product so I contacted the company. I had a reply by the next day (email) stating the post office had lost some 200 orders and that they would be sending out another set of orders soon. I received the package about a week later and could not wait to put them on. I put the super black on my helmet but noticed it did not reflect like it should. I was shipped black instead of super black. Again I emailed Bill and again I received a prompt response. After the discussion Bill said he would send me any product in what I thought would be the equivelant of my super black order. I offered to pay the difference of what I picked and Bill wrote back there would be no charge. Bill went above and beyond and I highly recommend doing business with this company. They truely care about the consumer and provide what I feel is superior service.

Thanks Bill.

Matt :D
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