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GoPro advice for idit needed.

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Sorry if this is the wrong section but I'm hoping there will be some experts on here!

Just bought a GoPro Heo3 silver and after finally finding soewhere to mount it on my Burgman I need some basic advice regarding settings. I'm going on a road trip soon so I've run out of time for experimenting. I need to know just the basic settings that will get me by. 720 setting seems big enough for me but you only get a wide angle option so I guess I need 1080? So, 1080 setting, shall I have PAL or NTSC? 24 or 25 fps? Anything else I need to know for BASIC use? I just want to set it up, press record and go!

Thanksin advance.
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I use 1080p NTSC, 30 fps get about 2 hours out of a 16gb card, and that aligns with battery life too. Of course you're in uk so pal, may be more appropriate, but if you only going to post on the web it won't matter, if your going to play back on a tv, then it matters.

I will say I used 720 and the picture quality on my pc was markedly worse, ok , but worse. So I went back to 1080 , again depends if yor going to cut DVD's for tv playback if so 720 will be fine for most use.

Standard disclaimer - I'm not an expert but these are thoughts ymmv. Have fun
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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