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My wife called the radio station thinking she was winning tickets for a concert. She was the 25th caller and won tickets too....
Live Impact Wrestling on SpikeTV! :lol: :lol: :lol:
Well last night was the event and to say the least Barnum and Bailey would have been proud! I did go to Wrestlemania IV and watch Hulk Hogan Body-Slam Andre the Giant a long time ago with my son but now it was the grandchild's turn. As luck would have it the Hulkster was there and he still had the same magic on the kids! Our Granddaughter has so much fun and was totally wired the rest of the night.
The crowd was very Jerry Springer-ish and the people watching was absolutely spectacular. The adults that really got into it were a sight to behold with some in full wardrobe and persona. There were many Hulks, Stings, Jeff Hardys, Kurt Angles, and enough wannabe's to suit everyone.
I almost got crushed when a 450+ lb'er almost passed out going up the stairs to his seat. He seriously looked like a heart attack was happening with sweat poring down his face. EMT's responded quickly and it took 4 of them to help him get to the first aid.
The one disappointment was that the language and subject matter was a little much considering the young age of 1/2 of the crowd (under 12).

Would I do it again? YOU BET! especially if it's free :wink:
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