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Shoulder still a bit sore but riding a reasonable amount. PA run with an 11 hour wait for rescue was not much fun but all worked out. Kid is still "cleaning up" the road rage video :pop:

So for once I decided to slab up to the Forks of the Credit yesterday around 3 pm via major 4+ lane highways instead of taking the usual amble up the backroads. I'd been delayed getting away watching the British Open and wanted to make up a bit of time. Not all that fond of riding on Saturday anywhere near the GTA - too annoying.

I'm in the next to fastest lane on the 410 heading north just past the 401 incoming traffic from my right, doing 120 kph or so ( it's sort of 4-5 lanes wide at that point )....bit windy but nice day - tunes on, traffic is medium heavy Saturday afternoon -

Suddenly get a really sharp burned rubber smell of some sort, check the bike temp - nada - look around nothing I can see but decide to swing over to the right just in case and out of the corner of my eye I see brake lights all over to my left and all sorts of junk - open sleeping bags who knows what else tumbling off the roof of a van and drivers trying to avoid it.

Don't think there was anything that would hurt a car but there was one open red sleeping bag that likely would take down a bike or add 10 years to a riders age avoiding it...white hair overnight stuff, white knuckle stuff.
Fortunately I was a spectator - not in the middle of it as I would have been a minute earlier had I not changed lanes.

He was still ahead and dribbling bits off the roof and swings right but stop ??? naw :rolleyes:- last bit I saw was a good sized sleeping bag still loosely rolled up - likely had been punted around by vehicles as it was pretty big and rolled over to the guard rail.

Last I saw of the van still trailing some rope from the roof and a partial load still on - he had exited and was heading somewhere :confused:

So after settling back into mellow mood ( and a really nice 300k ride during the rest of the day ) I got to wondering what the **** was the burnt rubber smell that luckily prompted me to move over.
I was downwind of the van which was initially couple hundred meters ahead and in the fast lane.
Did a rope bust and then catch under his tire??
Did a vehicle near him brake hard seeing what was going to happen?

Dumb luck - no relation to the event??

I mean generally if something doesn't feel right I'll slow and move over ( shredded tire in PA gave me a bit of warning and also had a similar smell ).

Really ****** that the guy did not even pull over and secure the rest of the load. He could have caused a serious accident even with cars let alone a bike.
...just glad I had slowed and moved over...

Luck? Management??.....dunno.

Happy with the outcome tho......and the rest of the ride :D

even a wild turkey playing peek-a-boo..

24 degrees and glorious....great time for a nightride as well - 3/4 moon.

lovely 300k or so on the backroads.

full moon - 22 degrees ...:D

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