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I parked the Burgie 650 and drug out the Gold Wing 1500.

I discovered that I've forgetten what it's like to heft a clutch in and
out. Whew, try it in traffic and your fore arm will start burning.

Another thing, I never realize how nice the Burgman handles
at low speed when picking your way through a parking lot.

Yep, the Wing is positively truck like in comparison.

I do like the stereo, CB and built in intercomm. It would be interesting
to get a Used Gold Wing radio set up and retrofit it to the Burgman.


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Yep, I hear you. Factor in $500 for an Autocom Pro-7 system:
• noise canceling
• stereo music
• bike-to-bike system
• jacks for mobile phones, GPS and CD/MD players

….and you’ve got pretty, much everything.

If you like to have bike mounted speakers as opposed to helmet mounted speakers, you can install your own waterproof speakers and amp for about $500-1000 depending on grade of kit. There are also kit’s for fitting car grade full-colour GPS DVD navigation systems for about $1000 or so. You can take this thing in any direction you want with a little money spent on it.

You’ll miss the GW seat and storage space, though, and the GW1800 certainly holds 100mph on highways a bit more easily than the Burgman. Apart from that they are very similar in spec with a it of cash thrown the 650s way.
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