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Going to install the headlamp and tail light flasher

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In another post in this section someone posted a link to I emailed them for a combo kit price and part number. Hopefully soon they will reply. What Im looking for is someone who has installed these mods already. If so. please post some directions on what you did to install them.

Im hoping to get them by next week.
-Bryan :lol:
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Headlight Modulator installation

All you do to install the modulator is unplug the wires from the back of your headlights and plug the modulator into them. You then plug the molded plug from the modulator on your headlights. There is a sensor that shuts the modulator off at night or under low light conditions. This sensor can be attached anywhere that it is pointing up. I drilled a small hole near the dash vent on the right side of my fairing and mounted the sensor in that hole with a small rubber grommet. :D

P.S. I wired mine to flash on high beam only. That way you can turn the unit off by switching to low beam .
Sounds easy enough. Hope the tail lamps will just as easy.
Brake light pulsator

The most difficult part of installing the brake light unit is removing the body panels to gain access to the wiring. One cut and two wire splices are all that is necessary :D
Could someone post on how to access the headlamps for this modulator. i got mine in the mail today and I cant seem to find my owners manual. How do you get to the brake wire too?
Modulator Installation

Hi Bryan,
Sorry I haven't posted sooner, been out riding. I only had to remove the lower windshield trim on my 400. This was so that I could see behind the headlights and worked through the opening for the front forks. Don't know if this will work on the 650, I've never seen a 650. I installed the brake light unit while I had all of the rear body parts removed to do my 600 mile service. I don't have any idea how to suggest removing all those parts on the 650. I think that there is a PDF file of the 650 service manual posted in the files section of the Yahoo Burgman Group. :lol:
Thanks for the reply. I guess I will poke aroud a bit. I will take some pictures so I can post some instructons.
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