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GIVI Windshield

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I'm new to the site. So what is a GIVI? I wish mine were 6" higher on the 650. Where do you find them and how much? :D
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Hey Walt!
Givi is an aftermarket replacement windsreen for the stock Burgman. There's also another option available soon in January called the Clearview. It really depends on your height I guess and weather you get a lot of buffeting and turbulence from the stock windscreen. I'm 6' foot tall and am quite happy currently with the stock screen. However I must note that I jumped off a sportbike for the Burgman. The sport bike had turbulence :shock: The Burgman was a dream to me to ride after the sportbike.
This breaking new information has just come to my attention via another forum. It appears we have another option to the above 2 mentioned. You can check out the website yourself.

If you scroll down the page you can see the Burgman categories. Off to the left side of the page they had this posted
+2, +4, +6, +8, etc.
Here we take your stock screen shape and extend the screen the desired amount of inches while keeping the stock shape.

It appears you can custom order colour and size and they will make it to suit your request. Definetely worth looking into if I do say.
Hello Allan and @all,

I have been following the subject of larger windscreens for some time now both on my home forum (Germany) and this one.
Allan put it into perspective - if you come off a motorbike (excluding the likes of GoldWing and LT's etc.) it's a treat to get behind the Burgman wind screen.

Unfortunately I have no means of uploading a picture of an accident that one of my friends had over here with his Burgman showing what happened to his after market (Italian) screen.
Well the screen sheared off sort of diagonaly down/acroos the screen forming a razor sharp edge - which when all things go wrong could take off someones head!!!!!!

I think purely from a safety and a legal factor I would think twice about changing my screen for a few extra inches. Remember when it rains you have to see over the top of the screen!

If one is looking for that 100% weather protection in order to listnen to their stereo and smoke a ciggy - then perhaps they should stick to a car.
One of the biggest reason for buying a bike is to be out together with nature - sight, sound, smell.

Here's wishing you all a happy holliday.
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