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I got my Burgy in Feb. of 2012 a new last year model of 2011 with 11 miles on it, when finially closing the deal the sale person talked me in to a Givi big screen to replace the stock window screen it was only $80.00 bucks at the time someone had ordered it but after looking at it didn't want it so instead of sending it back they kept it then I bought it, Now I have been riding with it since then, on 4-10-13 I noticed that my Inspection was way past due should of been done in Feb, but weather was bad in state of Va. till late march and I didn't get to start riding till this month, so when I went to my local bike shop to get an Inspection I was told they couldn't do it because the screen was too big and the rider which is me wouldn't be able to see over it, which I could, but only if I didn't raise the screen up; then yes I was looking right through it, anyways was told I would have to take it off and but the stock one back on if I wanted it inspected, which I rode back home and did just that and it passed inspection just fine, Has anyone else heard of this? I had a Burgy 400 back in 2008 and kept it for 3 years with the very same type of Givi screen on it the bike shop even but it on and inspected it for thoses 3 years and it pass every single time, the only thing I can thing of is that the 400 screen does not move up and down like the 650. so any ways this is a heads up for what might be a problem in the state of Virginia for any other burgman riders if you have a 650 your screen when moved to the up postion you still have to see over it. so hope this was some helpful info for someone else out there. Thanks ride safe and Happy Trails , Zack :thumbup:
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