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This review is for the GIVI V46 Monokey topcase, associated mount and optional accessories.

The following were ordered from on 4/20/04:

Item, Part#, Price
V46 Monokey Case, Silver Lid, V46G730, 252.36
Monokey Topcase Mount, E529, 74.52
V46 Stop Light Assembly, E105, 44.73
V46 Backrest Pad, E95a, 44.73
V46 Interior Light, E106, 10.08
Shiipping, N/A, 17.95
Tax (shipped to WA), N/A, 0.00

Parts started arriving in separate shipments and took a month before the final package arrived. When my order was confirmed, AZMOTORSPORTS advised which parts were on back-order from GIVI. Fortunately I was not in a rush to get the case installed but a better alternative would be to be advised of back-orders when you place the order.

We selected this particular case for its rounded contours to blend in with the lines of the scooter. The mount allows a small amount of fore and aft adjustment. The siver color is a very good match to the Suzuki silver. (They offer a blue color-match case as well.) The high mounted brake light is a real Safety Plus. AA battery powered interior light is well designed and extinguishes automatically when the lid is closed. The backrest is well integrated with the case and contoured for comfort.

Caveat: This case effectively doubles the carrying capacity of the scooter but because of its location, well away from the center of mass, it really shouldn't be used to carry very heavy items or cargo that's prone to shifting.

I HIGHLY reccomend this product to others.

GIVI V46 & options Fit & Finish 10/10
Ease of installation overall 6/10
GIVI installation instructions: range from 3/10 to 9/10 but usually on the low end of the scale

I've dealt with AZMOTORSPORTS before and rate their customer service at 9/10.

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