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I needed more room for storage on a part time basis, that could Dbl as Carry on Luggage when Flying. Here is a Good solution.

Not the "Offical" Scooter bag, these work very well. Needing something the same day, and not having GIVI's Scooter Bag in stock, I came across these. Note, these were one of few that have straps long enought to install in the Burgman. Yellow was not my 1st choice, but they were the only ones they had in stock that fit, (anyone know how to make them Black?) and I only paid $100 bucks for them, (Retail 129.95 at the dealer) the color is growing on me and it matches my yellow rain suit, very visible.

Excellent, Heavy Scotch Gaurded nylon with zippers are very durable, a stiff, but softer side panel that goes against the bike, a small net bag in front on the outside, and a net partition on the inside of both bags. Expandable to almost dbl. in width (from 6" o.d. to 11" o.d.) with a full wraparound zipper that allows for partial expansion.

None, I bought them off the floor so I can't comment on the shipping and packaging.

Accessories Included:
A Lot,
2-Bungee cords
2-Waterproof rain bag Liner (used inside the bags)
2-Large main straps
2-Shoulder straps
2-Medium straps
1-Medium all purpose strap
1-Medium Padded all purpose strap
2-Wide Long bag stiffiners (install inside the main bag)
2-Narrower Long bag stiffiners (install inside the expanded bag
2-Narrower Short bag stiffiners (extras I guess)

Mounting and Install:
Once I figured it out Very easy, Using the 2 main straps that snap in place, feed 1 under the grab bar twards the rear, and the 2nd one over the top in the front. 1- Bungee the 2 bags around the back to leave room for the passinger's legs. Using 2 bungees (not supplied) fasten around the exaust bracket on the right side, and attach to the by the center stand on the left.
It takes me about 1 minute to install once we have our bags packed.

If we were to Maximize all the room I think there would be more room than in the trunk. Our stuff fit in them fine without expanding them

Water Proofing:
We rode for 2 days, 1/2 the time raining for about 500 miles. The 1st day everthing was dry. When we got back on the 2nd day some stuff on the the very bottom was damp. The bags were wet on the bottom from the road spray, We Did Not Use the included plastic bag Liners. This was an experiment after all. An ocassional rain shower should pose no problem. When we do this again, and the weather calls for a lot of rain we will use them.

The bag moves over enough to allow fueling without removing them.

The Ride:
Plenty of room for the passinger, and with the low center of gravity, good handeling. No scuffing was noticed after the trip. Mileage, maybe 1 mpg less.

Quality - 10
Instructions - N/A
Install Options - 10 these will fit any bike
Waterproofing - 7 with out the liners, 9 with, (convience factor gave it a deduct)
Convience - 9 a little combersome, but it it portable and doubles as luggage

Pictures are Under D.J.s Hump Bag and GIVI Saddlebags on Jim's (7 pics.)

Here is the Link to GIVI USA site ... 84&lang=en

Link to my photos
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