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Rating scale for this Review is 1 - 10. 10 is the best.

To nearly double my storage space, I ordered a Givi Maxia topcase and Burgman 650 specific mount (E529) from Additionally, I ordered the brake light (E97), pillion backrest (E95), and top case rack (E96).
Upon placing my order, I immediately got a confirmation e-mail. The following business day, I got a status report on the order. The Top Case and mount were not in stock. The rest of the items were to be shipped. They sent me a tracking number on the shipped items.
The rapid response and regular status updates earns Arizona Motor Sports a 10.

The brake light kit, back rest and rack arrived almost a week after the order was placed. The topcase and mount arrived another week later straight from Givi USA. This second shipment came in a HUGE box. As the UPS guy was carrying it up to my door, I became alarmed when I saw that the box said "GIVI E45". My thoughts were of "They sent me the wrong top case!". I figured I would go ahead and accept the package and investigate. Good thing. Inside were two boxes. One containing the E52 and the other containing the mount. They reused a box that originally contained two E45 cases shipped from Italy. So don't be alarmed if the outer cartons label doesn't reflect what you ordered. I rate the timeliness of delivery and packaging as a 8

I pulled the Maxia top case out of it's box and saw what a beautiful product this is. I ordered the silver to match the Burgman. Although it isn't the Suzuki silver, it is a VERY close match side by side. You cannot tell any difference when installed as there is as the black bottom half offers some separation. The finish quality of paint is exceptional. The thick clearcoat offers a high luster. Better than most automotive finishes. The finish is so nice I decided to not mount the top rack for now.
Operation of the latches gives a quality feel. Turn the key, you can press the handle to release the suitcase like latch. This also unlocks the button for unlatching the box from the mount. Giving the key a spring loaded turn beyond the unlock detent, releases the handle. The handle will gracefully come out like the soft eject mechanism on an expensive cassette deck. With the box unlatched from the mount and the handle extended, you now have a fine piece of Italian luggage! I rate the Maxia Top Case an emphatic 10!

The mount was reasonably easy to install. If you aren't mechanically inclined or don't like the idea of drilling, you may want to have a professional installer do it. The drilling isn't too bad as the Burgmans tail panel is pre-marked for drilling to accomodate Suzuki accessories. These holes do not provide any structural support. They are there for thru bolts and spacers that attach the mount to the frame.
The mount is in two pieces: The heavy plastic mount and metal bracket for the mount. Included are plastic plugs for the bolt heads and rubber bumpers to cushion the box. I rate this mount as a 9.

Since I insisted on having a silver top box, I had to buy the brake lamp kit separately. You have to install this yourself which means knocking a hole in the bottom for the connector button, removing the reflectors and cutting pre formed holes where the lights go. Not bad but you have to be very careful as you are hacking on a $300 box. As for installing the lamps once the holes are cut: What a major pain in the a**!
If color isn't important to you, I would recommend that you order the E-52NF. This model is unpainted black and the lights are already installed. Plus this is a cheaper package.
Once the lights are in, they work well and command attention.
I rate the function of the light kit as a 8
The installation procedure as a 5

The Pillion back rest was very easy to install. This required drilling on the painted top half of the box. No problem as they give you a paper template. Installation was straight forward even with the marginal instructions. I would recommend that you apply some RTV silicone sealant around the holes to prevent the possibility of water from entereing the case. Although I don't normally carry a passenger, I installed this back rest to balance the look of the seat and box. The E95 does this well. I sat on the back seat and it seemed comfortable too. Makes a nice sissy bar. The E95 back rest is rated as a 8 as there are very minor inconsistancies in the pattern and grain of the pad.

As for the rack. I chose not to install it at this time because it requires more drilling and would take away from the sleek appearance of this nicely painted case. Also, I'm not sure I would bungee anything this high up. I'll most likely bungee stuff to the passenger seat.
The rack is steel and is finished in a semi-gloss black paint. It is a quality product but requires even more drilling of the beautiful painted area. A template is provided but I did notice the inside of the case is marked for drilling as well. If I had the unpainted black case, I probably wouldn't have any reservation about installing this rack. Still, I'll hang onto it as I like having the option to install it in the future. I rate the finish of the rack as a 8. For now, I cannot rate the functionallity of the rack.

In conclusion, I think Givi products are excellent as well as the level of service from AZmotorsports. I will buy again from both these establishments. Highly recommend.

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