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Givi sets their prices with their dealers, you will find that all Givi products are within a dollar of each other regardless of where you buy. Most dealers can give a discount, but it's about 10% and that's it. Some have free shipping and some don't. I been purchasing for Adventure MotoStuff for years, most Givi dealers do not stock all the Givi products, but it is shipped from the Givi warehouse in the US. Most all orders take about 5 working days for delivery.

I have been a dealer/supplier for Givi products for BUSA members since 2009 and I have never been directed to set a price by Givi. In many cases their is a lot more than a dollar difference in prices. My price for the for the D258ST is currently $143.00 including delivery.

Helmets heads price for the same screen is $186.56 including delivery.
Adventure MotoStuff price for the D258ST is $153.00 plus shipping ($41.15 to Michigan for instance) Total, a whopping $194.15

Givi's retail price is $170.00 plus delivery
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