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Getting a Replacement Key for SAIS System

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Has anybody ever had to get a replacement coded key for the SAIS system ?
The bike I have just got has only one key.
I would like to get another if possible in case of loss.
The only info I have is the bike details Vin no. Reg No. etc
Any info on how to proceed etc

PS: I have contacted Suzuki GB but no response yet.
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Replacement key

I wish I could remember but I can't. Sigh. There was a lengthy discussion about getting replacement keys. You can, indeed, get blanks that anyone can cut. You can also get the special ones with the magnets which operate the slider to close the ignition. It's an easy thing to do. I did it and if I can, anyone can.

I'd suggest doing a search here. Something is bound to show up. I'm just having a CRS day.
Try They're out of country but very quick to ship.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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