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Jerry you need to be more specific. There are four Germantowns in Ohio. could be because we have a large Amish community

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The zip code is 45327 and I think it's southwest of Dayton. The reason I'm looking for this town is because I sent my stock mufflers (650 Burgman) to EPCO Stainless Steel Exhaust to make a new set out of stainless steel and used mine as a prototype.
Well I called several time and got a run around from the owner saying that he didn't have time yet to build them.
The 2nd to the last times I talk to him he said that he had a fire there and he would get me a new set.
The last time I talk to him he said that he got them and he will be senting them out the next day, that was 2 weeks ago.
I been trying to call him and E-mail him but no response.
I was wondering if their was someone in the area that knew him, our tell if he did have a fire.
His web site is
Hope someone can help me.

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Jerry Hubert said:
I'm going on a 7 day cruise tomorrow.
Well knowing your luck - I would ring them up too - make sure the ship is still afloat!! :D
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