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German Tranlator Requested

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Does this

Say something to the effect of, "Place 100 ohm resistor here to get the service codes"?

I tried typing it into babel fish, but just got more confused with what it came up with.
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Unt mitten grabbin resistah, shove into prongs. Yaw.
I tried 4 different online translatiors, they all came up with this:

these both two with a 100 ohm uberbrucken resisted and then zundung switches on solite an error stored its stands it de where otherwise km indicates is one can also with oberbrucktem contact drive around errors to indicate those not to be gespeichent.
You might try emailing the forum member MichaelMcMike. Mike is one of the admins on that web site and probably would translate it for you.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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