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Someone made money shipping it there and someone will make money shipping it back 鈥..

2,500 cases of beer ? Two maybe three semi-truck loads ? Nice Story.

With the heat and in-transit agitation I call Skunk.

Give me one of the $435 hammers.

Back in the 1980s, the Pentagon spent $600 on a hammer.

Or so many of us have long believed. It turns out they were just doing some creative bookmaking, as massive government entities are wont to do. The $600 hammer was actually a $15 hammer. But the Pentagon鈥檚 billing added a $420-an-item surcharge to each item鈥攚hether a hammer or an aircraft engine鈥攖o cover research and development. So the $15 hammer became a $435 hammer. Later, news stories stretched that $435 to become $600.

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Two cans of beer per day ! Cool, by the time I enlisted in the US Navy, the grog ration had ended. I just missed it too, dangit.
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