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Gerbing's Heated Clothing - MD-DC Area

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I recently bought a Gerbing's heated jacket and gloves from a Gerbing's dealer near Mt. Airy, MD. He is Gerbing's #1 dealer and is located off of Rte 27 between Liberty Rd. and I-70. His name is Mike Vlahos and all he sells is Gerbing's products.
He had a huge selection to try "off the rack" and can custom fit, if necessary. I'm 6'-2", 260 lbs and he had no problem fitting me from his stock. I thought for sure I'd have to order and wait 6 or 7 weeks for delivery but he had everything I needed in stock.
He was a great guy to deal with and his prices were very fair. He supplies a large number of police departments as well as the FBI and Secret Service. If you don't live in the area, I believe he will ship to you.
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