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The tank, float/pump module are plastic. The filler pipe is metal but it is non-corrosive, just like in cars.
The fuel pump/float module (Denso) has external metal parts (float arm) but they're made from high quality materials. The float/pump module has an integral screen that prevents 'large' foreign objects from being pumped into the injectors.

One AN650 (brand new) owner here on the board has reported a cracked pump/float module that leaked gas into the inside chassis if the tank had been topped off, but it's probably been fixed under warranty by now.

I've had to learn to Not top the tank off up into the filler tube above 75 degrees ambient with a hot engine. The gas will expand before your eyes up into the nozzle placement area of the filler tube when delivered hot and only a race against time motion of placing the cap back into the pressurized locking ring will prevent gasoline from spilling.
Usually, the first shut-off click from a station delivery pump will save you from this headache when delivering gasoline in hot weather.
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