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I am looking to buy a AN650 to help save on gas, but I will not be able to ride it all the time. With that said, here is a post I have sent to other boards I belong to.

Have you noticed the price of gas lately? Well I did a little research and found that much of the cost is tax. For example, here in Arizona for every gallon of gas we buy, we pay 18.4¢ in federal tax, 18¢ in state tax, plus 7.8% sales tax, and any local tax that might be in the jurisdiction. That does not account for the tax already paid by the importer, refinery, and the distributor that are passed on to the consumer. If you think this is bad, I just found out that the Feds are proposing and additional 25¢ per gallon tax.

If you find this as outrageous as I do, please call your representatives in congress and tell them what you think. Then pass this to others and ask them to do the same.

For those of you in Europe, I hope that you can get your tax situations under control. 60% of your cost going to tax is just criminal in my opinion.

Thank you for your time.
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