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Garmin GPS Sale

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If you've always wanted a Zumo, but felt they were just too expensive like me, now's your opportunity. The Garmin site is selling most if not all model GPS's at nearly 50% of the regular price. Zumo model prices are: 665LM - $439.99; 660LM - $357.49; 350LM - $384.99; 220 - $219.99. You can compare featrures of each GPS on there site to determine which best meets you needs. I'm going with the 660 since it seems to offer the most features for the least $$$. I'm too cheap to pay subscription for XM/traffic/weatehr which is what you primarily get with the 665.

Ships free with code SHIPFREE

Don't know how long these deals will last.


I hope I got that link right. If not, just google the garmin website and look for the motorcycle units. Good luck. I'm sure many folks will want these. I just placed my order.
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Received an email last night stating order cancelled due to pricing error. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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