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I have a Garmin eMap and love it. It is one of their only models that is NOT waterproof, only water resistant.

Pre-Burgman, I got caught in a monsterous downpour riding 60 mph with the back of the GPS facing into the rain do to mounting on the mirror stem. A quick check after the storm had all of two drops of water in the battery compartment and no problems with the unit. (Garmin rocks!)

Now on my AN650 it is safely tucked behind the windshield. I suspect that it wouldn't even get a single drop of water in the battery compartment during a storm now.

The eMap is no longer in production, but it is still available out in the world. It is not as accurate as WAAS capable GPS units and does not do any automapping on the unit itself. I have always found it to accurate enough and I download my routes in advance from the computer software, so I'm good.

While you undoubtedly will be happy with the StreetPilot III, you might also want to look at the GPS V. I know a few people who swear by them. The GPS V is less expensive and more accurate than the StreetPilot III, but is not color and does have more limited memory. Just something else to consider.
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