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Anyone using the Blue Sea six position fuse block under there seat? wondering if it fits. I have a 650 burgman.
I had a Bluesea 6 position fuse block on my last bike (Can AM Spyder RT) hooked up to a relay and a switched power source. On my new to me 650 Burgman I have decided to install a Fuseblock 1000 with a built in relay that allows me to wire in either switched or constant power accessories and change output by simply switching fuse positions.

The Fuseblock 1000 is slightly more compact than the BlueSea unit, but either will fit easily under the seat in your tool bag location.

To date I have wired in a GPS, LED Voltmeter, extra 12 Volt plug and LED Fork LED Lights. I have two positions left should I want to add some other accessories in the future. I decided to keep my battery tender pig tail connected directly to the battery.

The only issues I had with the BlueSea unit was that it requires the addition of ring terminals to hook up your wires and you need to add an external relay to provide switched power. It is well constructed and will meet your requirements and rest comfortably under your seat for easy access.

In order to access switched power I put a piggy back connector on the positive wire on my glove box 12 volt socket and ran a single wire back to the switched power terminal on my Fuseblock 1000. Works like a charm, but you could also run the switched wire from your license plate light to serve the same purpose in powering the relay.

Once again, to answer your original question...Yes the Bluesea fuse block will fit under your seat with no problem.
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