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Fun with "Planning"

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Being stuck at the house, I've started planning this summer's ride.
I'm planning on taking approximately 2 weeks to travel.
I want to ride north from California to Oregon, then ride east
through Idaho, Colorado, Montana. If the Canadian weather clears,
we could take a jaunt up through the Ice Field Highway.

I like this latitude, you can find twisty road, mountains, forests, lakes
and rivers. All of which are more interesting than the desert to the south.

To far North and the rain will get you.

If the trip is done right, we will have time to stop for the sites,
linger over morning coffee and talk with the locals.

Now for the equipment list. mmmm
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remember,adventure is the result of poor planning.
skootertrash wrote
remember,adventure is the result of poor planning.
Never did look at it like that, but I guess your right,
all my trips are an adventure, I never plan it that way. :)
Monterey10 said:
...then ride east
through Idaho, Colorado, Montana.
A little advice - do NOT miss Glacier National Park along the northern part of Montana - if the highway through it is open, it is one of the most beautiful highways in the country (according to many, including Charles Kuralt).

While Yellowstone is unique, and Beartooth Pass is awesome, nothing compares to Glacier in my opinion.
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