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Fuel Tank Overflow Problem

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Has anyone had this problem? After filling up with gas and unless the scooter has been ridden 25 miles or so (used about half gallon off the top of the tank) the fuel tank overflows when the bike is put on the side stand. The overflow drips through the drive-train and a mixture of gas and oil puddles on the road. Very scary the first time it did this as we were several hundred miles from home on a 800 trip to the Florida Keys but the bike has been ridden 500 miles or so since then and hasn’t had any problems.

For the first few fillips I put the bike on the center stand. I always stop at the first automatic shut off like the owners manual recommends. After a few overflow problem, I started fuelling on the side stand and still have the same results. We have filled up a couple of times and then only ridden less than 10-15 miles before stopping. I have put the bike on the center stand and didn’t have the overflow but did have strong fumes.

I’m going to take this problem to the dealer but wanted to see if anyone else has had or is having a similar problem. I would like to have several responses from other owner to give me a little leverage with the dealer.
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I imagine the problem is that the gas is expanding. It is cooler in the underground tank. When it is in your bike it warms up and expands.

I have been noticing a gasoline smell coming from the scooter in my garage. I don't buy the expanding gasoline explanation. It is quite cool in the garage this time of year - often about 30 degrees, and the smell is still there. My 2003 Suzuki V-Strom motorcycle doesn't do this. Neither do the lawnmower, snowblower, leaf blower, or cars. There is something not right about the gas tank venting on the Burgman 650 - and it could be potentially dangerous. The smell is quite strong at times.
Well I have the 650 and it's actually parked almost beside me here in my living room for the winter. Nobody has yet to complain about fumes or anything. I havent smelled anything, mind you the tank is almost empty.
As far as leakage after a fillup I havent had any. But I allways use the center stand and rarely use the sidestand.
im the type that fills the tank to the rim everytime and i have never had an overflow or the smell of fumes...u might want to check to make sure there is no loose gas line or overflow tube it sounds like something is leaking that shouldnt be
Eddie, that is precisely the answer - Expansion. Especially when the bike is hot.

When I made my first few fillups, I would leave several folded towlettes (pumpside available) inside of the filler door just in case.

Always fill up on centerstand.

After some experience, I learned to let the first auto-shutoff stop the flow and then listen to the filler pipe. You can hear gas climb the tube on a subsequent slow delivery.
Even if fuel climbs into the top of the filler, don't freak out!
Place the cap (arrow up) back onto the locking top. It should not leak gas after the cap is secure, even if the fuel climbed into the top as long as the bottom of the cap clears the gas.

Some gasoline pumps will not auto shut-off when they should but those kind tend to make the handle feel ineffective (small squeezes) when nearing full. Always place the gasoline pump nozzle into the lowest spot inside of the filler neck of the bike. This way, the pumps auto-shutoff system has a greater pressure change to detect.

When I encounter a "Mean Pump" that only fast delivers and wants to auto shut-off at the beginning of delivery, I instead look at the gallonage display on the pump then start to back-off when nearing 3 gallons delivered while listening to the pipe.
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if you're getting gas out of the tank, there (in my opinion) can only be a couple of causes.
1: the gas cap oring is defective
2: the gas cap is not "completely" seated
You should NOT be able to get gas to leak from a gas cap. What would happen if your bike was on it's left side after a minor spill? Gas leaking from a bad seal on the filler tube would run out onto you and your bike causing a real potential disaster if there were any ignition sources around..
I would have it checked and verify that there's not something wrong.
Thanks for the responses. Further checking shows that the leakage is not coming form the filler neck or gas cap. It seems to be coming from somewhere on the tank itself. I haven't taken off any tuperware but can feel gas dripping down the left side of the fuel tank. I will take it back to the dealer and have them check it out.
Took the bike to the dealer today and just got a call diagnosing the problem. The fuel sending unit at the top of the fuel tank is cracked and will have to be replaced. Naturally its not a stoked part and will be the end of the week or next week before the part arrives. Angel isn't a happy camper about not having her bike for several days!

Thanks for the responses & this problem.
Glad you found out now, instead of "after the fire". Good idea, asking about it. I could understand thinking that, if the bike tilts too much, gas would leak, but you should be able to pretty much turn it upside down (as in an accident) and not have gas leak from the tank now days.
enjoy the ride..
Fuel dripping

Saw Bill Trammel's note from Bradenton about fuel leaking. I'm further south in Ft.Myers/Cape Coral FL and wonder if this problem is particular to Burgie operation in Florida.
I've owned my Burgie for about 6 months and have the same problem. After fillups, gas leaks from below the tank and drips down the various mechanics until it puddles on the ground. I was so frustrated by this I took it to a dealer and they ran a compression test and couldn't find anything wrong. I learned it's best not to park it in the garage unless you've burned off some fuel. It happens each time I fill it up. I intentionally put 3 gallons in this time and when it started leaking, I video-taped it. Took the tape to the same dealer/service and they watched it. Yep, it's leaking they said. Unfortunately the dealer was over 20 miles away and so by the time I drove up, it wasn't leaking anymore. They said unless I could show them right then that it was happening they couldn't do anything. We filled it up with their gas and it wouldn't leak to save my life. I drove it 5-6 miles down the road and parked it on the side stand. It leaked again. By the time I got back to them, it was high and dry. I've also noticed that the gas cap still wiggles a bit when it been locked. Is the cap supposed to fit super tight when on? Also, I've been told to park it on the main stand but who uses that on a smooth garage floor when you can't get it back down.
I'll print out Bill's solution about replacing the fuel sending unit and call them about it.
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Don't put so much gas in it!! Fill it on the kick-stand not while its on the center stand.

Bloomington IN

2003 AN650
2005 AN400
Re: Fuel dripping

Chuck Thornton said:
...I've been told to park it on the main stand but who uses that on a smooth garage floor when you can't get it back down.
Stand on the left side of the bike and block the center stand foot with your foot, so it doesn't slide. You'll then be able to get it down just as if you were on rougher/softer ground.
I regularly fill up on the way home from work, on the center stand, to the top of the neck, then ride it home 4 miles and park it on the side stand. Never a leak or smell.
There is a recall on some 650 fuel tank sender unit sealing rings - maybe you have a cracked/leaking one. Once you are running there is pressure in the tank so if there is fuel near the top of the tank together with this sort of defect some fuel/fumes may fart out.
Bill, I know you had an actual mechanical faliure AND it's now repaired.

I fill on the centre stand. Occaissionally I overfill. Either the autostop doesn't work or my mind is on something else.
When this happens I rock the scoot, pushing down on the afterdeck, watching the overflow gurlgle from the inside edge. The gas level in the filler cap ebbs and there's enough room. If one is in a chancey area, next fuel stop unknown, I imagine at least an extra litre or so could be squeezed in.

Naturally, one would be riding her right afterwards so any possible leakage would be of little concern.

I did a very high speed run a few days ago down the north island highway. When I got to the "next" station, both bar and tank were flashing. She took 14.33lts. Odo read 184m. That was as close as I want to be. The run was a blast though!

Glad you got some satisfaction from the dealer.
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I have never had the smell, but have had some fuel overflow. There was a recall on some units, and I would also suspect that. I fuel up at the beginning of the ride, if I do fill up after, I try and put 5 miles or so on before I park it.

Old habit. :)
O.K Guy's I had to post a reply to this gas leaking problem . I actually rock my 650 to get that little extra & only once do I remeber a little bit of gas coming out the overflow after a fill up. Mine is an 04 and so far no problems .

Blue 650 2004
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