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Done done it again! :D This time with E10, 87 octane. Here were my new results. I want to reiterate, I'm not doing this to impress anyone with high mpg numbers. If anything, I think it is disappointingly low. Just barely acceptable. My interest was first piqued because when I watched the bars go down, it did not seem linear. So I started to notate the miles at which each bar disappeared. Here are my new E10 results. These are adjusted for my 1.06145 mileage factor due to the speedo healer. Meaning, I have to multiply 1.06145 to my trip meter in order to be more / very accurate.

5 bars: From full to 46 miles (same)
4 bars: 48 miles range (from 46 to 94 miles on the trip meter)
3 bars: 25 miles range (from 94 to 119 miles on the trip meter)
2 bars: I only traveled 7.5 more miles on 2 bars, and it never went down to 1 bar.

Going north I got 49.89 mpg (E10 / 87)
Going south I got 50.26 mpg (E10 / 87)
Average of the 2 trips was 50.07 mpg, barely acceptable.
All holding it as close to 72 mph as possible.
And on both trips (E0 and E10), I would fold the mirrors in to reduce drag any time I got into an expanse where I could tell I would not need a lane change for miles.

Using the E0 / 87 octane gas from last trip, my average was 51.18 mpg there and back. That is 2.22% higher. Which is about what should be expected for non ethanol gas (it has ~3% more energy than E10).
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