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Fuel Magnets

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Hiya fellow Burgmen & Burgwomen
Anyone tried fuel magnets?

I put one on my car in December. It’s a 16 year old clunker, 91000 miles, just had its first brake job and the clock light has just packed up, the only problem in its life.
Well, straight away, the idle rpm’s dropped. The car only gets used when there is more kit than we can get on the bike, or more than 2 people have to be moved, and generally its only long distance. In our local area, the limit is 50mph, and on the first trip, I knew there was an improvement, cos there is an angle to my foot on the pedal to hold 50. Well, I had to re-angle my foot higher, and its not comfortable. Too soon to really say, but on two 200 mile round trips to the same destination, we returned 3 mpg better on both trips than previously. I fill up before and after just because. The magnet company reckon you will only get the full benefit after about 1000 miles. Well, I was convinced just on the way the acceleration improved. As we have long term mpg records, this one will bear watching.

So, I put one in the 650. Immediate result, 200 rpm rev drop at idle. Long term results, too soon to say. Only done 300 since it went in. Its going to be very difficult on miles to the gallon because of the different types of driving. We expect to get less when we do the back roads, with all the curves and the scenic stops that we make. I can’t say there is any change in the response, because I open the throttle progressively, almost by the feel of the bike, so if there is an improvement in performance, I don’t expect to see or feel it, because then I expect to be rolling the throttle open that fraction slower.

Over to you.

Randal and Gail
June 03 BLUE :D 650
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Sound neat, where do we find such a product, and how much?
Hi Paul,
with a lot of help from the chap who sold me the magnets, here is some background. The 90 day money back guarantee is a little short, considering their information says that you will need to do about 1000 miles before feeling the benefit of the magnets. however, I am happy with the immediate benefits on my car, and trust that I will find the same from my bike. I am now about 50 days into the money back guarantee period and so far, happy.

This is from my "dealer". It seems that these may not be available directly in the USA.

DKMagnotherapy supplies the Motoflow 2 (used on motorcycles) and other magnetic devices as an Independent Distributor for Ecoflow PLC.
Not presently sold in the USA, Motoflow 2 can be purchase by mail order and costs GBP£50 with P&P free (standard airmail).
Contact DKMagnotherapy direct on email at [email protected] with any queries and for orders.
Ecoflow, a British company established in 1991, make magnetic devices using patented Central Reverse Polarity ® neodymium magnets. Their use improves fuel consumption (and/or performance) and reduces harmful emissions in all types of vehicles and engines and oil and gas-fired central heating. The British Government's Department of Trade and Industry has tested Ecoflow devices, and confirmed the manufacturer's claims.
All Ecoflow fuel products are supported by a 90-day money back guarantee, 10 year manufacturing guarantee, and a lifetime guarantee on magnetic properties. With no moving parts, no pipe cutting or wiring they are simple to install, and incur no running costs.
There are also magnotherapy devices for people and animals marketed under the name of Bioflow.
For further details see the website:


Randal and Gail
June 03 Blue :D 650
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Magnets :cry: there good only for the guy selling them!
Have to say, I was as cynical as your short reply suggests. I decided to try them after finding that the British Department of Trade and Industry tested them and stated that all the claims made were supported during dyno testing. The money back side also had an influence.

I don't have any scientific tests, but my clunker ran better from very shortly after fitting a fuel magnet. Its got a manual choke, and I knew all the spots where I had to put in a bit of choke to keep her from stalling at intersections. Now, I can put the choke away before the first intersection and have no worries. This despite the fact that the car idles slower than before - with no adjustments to the carb.

Too early to say on the bike, a five day trip to our Lake District has been postponed with the threat of below zero temps and snow, in a cold front heaving over the North Pole from Canada (Thanks Allwalk - going to get a bit of your frosting).

So perhaps my guy has made some money, cos I am going to keep the magnets, perhaps I am going to see enough fuel saving to make them pay for themselves.

Hope to put some updates on the forum at a later stage.

I had sort of hoped someone else may have tried them and had some input - like - send them back before your 90 days are up, OR Keep them, they work, which is the view I am currently inclined to.

What this space.

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Lately, when I sit at a light, I wonder why my idle speed is smooth.
Maybe it's the $1.89 gas. Then I say to myself... "self, you should install a magnet just like the pro's use". But then I look up and notice I'm rolling through a red light district and the entire concept of what a Pro really does in their spare time sinks in. A magnetic personality, a full tank of gas and a clean windshield. Thanks to OPEC, I'll need all the tax breaks I can get.

Can you send me a magnet? Are they permanent or just temporary magnets. Actually, I'm looking for one of those cylinder enlargment machines. You know, the one that works instantly while I snack and worry about my carbs because all I really wanna do is show the girl next door my fuel injection.
Fuel magnets

Hi Aj
In short, you're saying I got Shafted!!!

Well, I will keep track on any savings, cos our gas is US$1.39 a litre, now I am not sure how many litres make a US gallon, but for a good old Imperial Gallon, that's US$6.64 per gallon.

Keep an eye out for future reports - even if I do have to say to youall "I got shafted".

That's what this type of forum is about, sharing both the happy and the not so happy things about our bikes.

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Litres per Gallon

According to my calculator, there's 3.785 litres per US gallon. There's 4.54 litres per imperial gallon. The ratio of imperial to us gallon is 6/5.

What often causes confusion is there is 160 oz in an imperial gallon and 128 oz in a US gallon. But it's a different oz.
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