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Fuel Consumption levels weirdness. Gauge/Monitoring?

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Hi all.

I recently put my scooter into the TokyoMoto shop in SF for an oil change (also replaced my rear plate light, good catch). Was during work and I dont get much spare time to myself (family life) to do anything (or figure out where to recycle the oil etc.) so the money was well spent from my perspective (caveat caveat etc).

Before oil change = fuel consumption would be pretty quick to notice a change and responsive in how it portrayed fuel consumption. We are talking average of course, it does not provide instantaneous. Even though, it was pretty quick to update, and would climb pretty quickly once the motor and everything was up to speed and my cruise on the highways was settled down to an average 65-75 average depending on traffic (usually lots, its the Bay Area after all).

So, quick to update, and quick to climb pretty high to around 59 or so (after fitting the 20g Dr. pulley sliders) with brief sojourns to 60. Where it drops is in idling (drops steadily there) and in town use, or slow speed use.

Even so, the gauge would climb up fairly quickly, even towards the end of a tank of petrol - i.e. the average would still come up a bit.

After oil change - first thing I notice is that the average consumption is now at 53.9 or so, and heading home, dives a bit further in traffic to get to the bridge home and then on the highway, only slowly climbs up to 55 or so now.

Refilling the tank and resetting the meter resulted in a slow and unconvincing update, which is pretty much how things are now. I realize things change - ambient temperatures, tyre pressures, etc. variable after variable. But I was CONSISTENTLY getting similar readings before.

Now, what is consistent is that it is slow to update, and slower to climb back up to 59 - takes nearly a full tank of fuel, whereas before, it was eager to display that on the basis of a good steady run. NOW, no matter how I drive, it just doesnt seem to make much of an impact. Almost like it is reluctant to climb, even with my best hyper miling techniques..

Anyone have any ideas!?!?!?
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Maybe try resetting trip A and trip B to 0.0
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