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A few weeks ago, after we completed a local ride, my wife (riding on a learner's permit) entered our driveway without slowing down enough to accommodate the "mountable curb" at the entrance and lost control of the bike. She proceeded to sideswipe her car, entered panic mode, screamed, went full throttle and tee-boned the concrete porch, taking out the front end of the bike. Insurance payed off okay but, to stretch the dollars as well as get repairs started ASAP, I ordered a salvaged fork assembly, wheel and tire, and new bearings, seals, etc. from Partzilla. The initial estimated shipping date from Partzilla looked good but, after a few days was changed due to one axle grease seal being on back order. As the mechanic said he could most likely scavenge a seal off the wrecked wheel, a Partzilla customer rep agreed to split the order and get the other parts shipped. After several more days, the online shipping/tracking info for the order hadn't been changed so, I made another call and was told they were going through a software change and would not be able to split the order. Since I had been told otherwise, an email would have been nice. Anyway, I just made another call and the rep said, "All the parts are in...I don't know why they haven't shipped yet. They should ship in the next day or two." Original order - March 27, and I don't know if this stuff will be here in time for Friday repairs. We've got to get my wife back on the bike! Sorry, y'all, I'm just venting here. If I had first checked parts availability rather than blindly ordering, I could have probably saved myself a lot of frustration. At least the salvage parts cleaned up well.
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