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Front Wheel Bearings (2007) - Important!

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Hey All, I just changed out my wheels bearings on a whim of an idea to do so, and found that they were in really bad shape. My Burgie has 23,000 miles on it and I was noticing a little front wheel shimmy as it decelerated. I read about the poor bearings (only sealed on one side) Suzuki used OEM. I used All-Balls Racing bearings to replace them. When I got the old ones out, the bearing grease was gritty and black. They grinned as I manually rotated them. I was shocked.

My gas mileage has gone up 3-5mpg and the ride is so much better, esp turning.
If you have an 07 and haven't changed them out yet, I highly recommend doing asap. I am pretty sure the bearings were bad way back in the early mileage.

Hope that helps!
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Sorry about that; if the following link doesn't work either, just type in " all balls burgman". They will pop right up at the beginning of the page for both the 400 and 650. All balls burgman
I was assuming you know I meant to type "all balls burgman" on the home amazon page ing the search box. ;) all balls burgman

Correct link, but they only list 2003 - 2008 for the 400 and 2003 - 2009 for the 650.

I still think it's strange that even though the 2005, 2007 and 2009 have the same bearing size, All Balls doesn't list it for the 2009. Maybe they'll write back today.
Still running the OEM ones in my 07 400 when I sold it with 46k+ miles.
I changed my 05' B650 with 17K Miles on the clock.

Reason i changed mine was I started hearing a wush wush wush sound.

I thought it sounded like a bearing going out.

The bearings felt fine before i pulled them out, after i pulled them out they looked like new bearings grease was very clean, and they rolled smoothly, they had a single seal on one side only.

After Front wheel Bearing replacement, I still have the Wush, Wush, Wush sound.

I still need to replace the rear wheel bearings.
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Okay, I have sudden scalloping on my 2007 front tire. When I raise the front and spin the wheel, there is a scratching, scraping sound. Could that be a brake pad slightly rubbing or is it most likely a bearing?
Scalloping can also be a sign of low air pressure. Try easing on the brake while spinning the wheel to see if the noise changes if so it may just be the pads.
Thanks John

PSI is at 28 and I don't let it go below that. Any other reasons for scalloping besides low pressure and bearings?
My scalloping was less severe after raising my front pressures closer to 2 up.
Are the tires balanced (may be thrown a weight).
Wow! I guess mine were really causing a drag. I steadily get 57+ mpg now after changing mine. One more thing to look at when you have declining mpg. I had my stock bearings on for 50K+ miles. I guess I should have changed them after 25K miles.
Who'd of thunk??
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