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Front Wheel Bearings (2007) - Important!

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Hey All, I just changed out my wheels bearings on a whim of an idea to do so, and found that they were in really bad shape. My Burgie has 23,000 miles on it and I was noticing a little front wheel shimmy as it decelerated. I read about the poor bearings (only sealed on one side) Suzuki used OEM. I used All-Balls Racing bearings to replace them. When I got the old ones out, the bearing grease was gritty and black. They grinned as I manually rotated them. I was shocked.

My gas mileage has gone up 3-5mpg and the ride is so much better, esp turning.
If you have an 07 and haven't changed them out yet, I highly recommend doing asap. I am pretty sure the bearings were bad way back in the early mileage.

Hope that helps!
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Can they cause scalloping wear on the front tire as I have this at 9500 miles on my 07 and always keep it properly inflated.
Okay, I have sudden scalloping on my 2007 front tire. When I raise the front and spin the wheel, there is a scratching, scraping sound. Could that be a brake pad slightly rubbing or is it most likely a bearing?
Thanks John

PSI is at 28 and I don't let it go below that. Any other reasons for scalloping besides low pressure and bearings?
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