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Front Wheel Bearings (2007) - Important!

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Hey All, I just changed out my wheels bearings on a whim of an idea to do so, and found that they were in really bad shape. My Burgie has 23,000 miles on it and I was noticing a little front wheel shimmy as it decelerated. I read about the poor bearings (only sealed on one side) Suzuki used OEM. I used All-Balls Racing bearings to replace them. When I got the old ones out, the bearing grease was gritty and black. They grinned as I manually rotated them. I was shocked.

My gas mileage has gone up 3-5mpg and the ride is so much better, esp turning.
If you have an 07 and haven't changed them out yet, I highly recommend doing asap. I am pretty sure the bearings were bad way back in the early mileage.

Hope that helps!
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Item Weight 1.2 pounds
Manufacturer Part Number W22-51188-431
I understand about the difficulty getting it out. Here is a thread that says how to do it without a puller. look to the bottom of the page, last entry. Rweis did a rgreat job explaining it and it saved me some $. The spacer in the middle will shift over some at the end, about a 1/16th of an inch, leaving a little lip to put a flat end punch on. It took some aiming and trying a few times, but it came off as I rotated where I hit the old bearing. It's a poor man's method, but it worked just the same. It saved me time as well as $.
Here is the link to All Balls Bearings to contact them. I heard they are quite professional and helpful. I'd be interested if that is the case if someone contacts them to find out about the '09 bearings.
Bruce, I got mine off of Amazon. Much cheaper. I think they were around $14 (that included shipping). Here's the link to the amazon site for the bearings. wheel bearing motorcycle burgman
Sorry about that; if the following link doesn't work either, just type in " all balls burgman". They will pop right up at the beginning of the page for both the 400 and 650. All balls burgman
I was assuming you know I meant to type "all balls burgman" on the home amazon page ing the search box. ;)
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