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Front Wheel Bearings (2007) - Important!

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Hey All, I just changed out my wheels bearings on a whim of an idea to do so, and found that they were in really bad shape. My Burgie has 23,000 miles on it and I was noticing a little front wheel shimmy as it decelerated. I read about the poor bearings (only sealed on one side) Suzuki used OEM. I used All-Balls Racing bearings to replace them. When I got the old ones out, the bearing grease was gritty and black. They grinned as I manually rotated them. I was shocked.

My gas mileage has gone up 3-5mpg and the ride is so much better, esp turning.
If you have an 07 and haven't changed them out yet, I highly recommend doing asap. I am pretty sure the bearings were bad way back in the early mileage.

Hope that helps!
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Like so many things on these bikes, having to change out the wheel bearings is a maybe.

I'm still running the original wheel bearings in my 07 650. It now has 98,341 miles on it. Robin's 07 650 has somewhere north of 95,000 miles on it and still has the original wheel bearings in it too. Why some have problems and others don't I have no idea.

My recommendation is keep a check on them and if you start feeling any roughness or looseness in them change them out. If not don't worry about it.
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