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As described in a previous post, the front amber TS have a 3-wire socket. But only the turn signal and ground wires are present. Why, is a question for philosphers...

The existing bulb and socket are 2-way. Hmmmm :wink:

What I did:

Piece of #18 wire
strip insulation about 5/8 inch from an end, twist to tighten the wires together
remove bulb from its socket
remove socket from the wire connector- a small clip
push out the little rubber plug from the connector
push the #18 wire back through the connector
bend the exposed wires down half their length (fold them down onto themselves)
carefully push all the bare wires down into the connector. You need a female crimp but there is none that small
reassemble all
The bare wires fill the opening, so the bulb socket makes contact.

Voila! It works!

I ran +12V from the "P-socket" by inserting a jumper wire. You don't need a ground, the turn signal is already grounded :)
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