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Same as everyone else replying... no need whatsoever to remove the front mudguard (fender) just to remove the front wheel.

I've had the front wheel off several times on both my K3 and K7. I just place a small hydraulic bottle jack under the engine, making sure to loosen off the axle and the two brake calliper securing bolts first. I also use a couple of axle stands which I place under the front forks (just in case) while the wheel is off, although I've been known to use some wood cribbing placed alongside the hydraulic jack.

If one doesn't have a lifting jack then a couple of regular sized bricks or short lengths of 4x2 (wood) will do; put the scoot on the centre stand, then slide one brick/bit of 4x2 either side in line with the centre stand feet, when ready carefully lean the scoot over enough to slide the brick/4x2 under the stand foot - repeat on the other side. This elevates the scoot several inches (I do this for working on the back wheel). Also have additional bricks or short lengths of 4x2 handy. Have someone sit on the pillion seat so that front wheel raises of the 'deck' so that one can slide the cribbing under the engine. Pillion can hop off at this point.

Once the front wheel is off, then it's far easier to remove the front fender on most bikes, and the Burgy650 is no different, suggesting this is the method the manufacturer(s) have in mind.

I've been known to employ variations of this on some of my bikes that don't have a centre stand, by cribbing under each side of the rear swing-arm when I've needed to work on a bikes rear wheel. Easy enough to do on my own, by again lining the cribbing up ready to be slid under the swing-arm as I lean/tilt the bike to one side, followed by the other.

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