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I won't say mine has been problem free, but it has definitely been worth it and not a decision I've regretted.

I've experienced the speedo issue Buffalo mentioned, and it was an easy fix to glue it, with no problems since. No clutch bearing issue yet.
Be aware of the oil consumption issue some of these earlier bikes seem to suffer from. My ignorance of it cost me a new piston and valves.
I've also replaced the lock set, but that was by choice, rather than necessity. Likewise by replacing the standard weights for 18g sliders. I replaced the standard headlight bulbs with Silverstars, which give much better illumination. Other than that it's mostly been consumables.

Tires for it are cheap, as are brakes pads, if you shop around. I buy my oil filters 4 or six at a time from E-bay (Suzuki ones), and even the replacement belt (genuine) I got was around $85 (not fitted yet at 16,500miles, old one still in spec). Working on it is not difficult at all with a fairly basic tool kit.
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