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Watch those spacers!

OK - a word of warning. The fork oil replacement job is fairly easy, except for one step. The tricky (and dangerous) part is getting the caps back on the forks. You really need 2 people for this step. I sliced my thumb wide and deep when the cap slipped and the super sharp metal of the spacer shot up and attacked me.

Here is what to do - Put the bottom of the fork in a vise. Have an assistant hold the slider tube up and also keep it from turning (preferably with a pair of gloves on). Somehow position your body atop the fork and tighten the cap with a straight down motion to prevent cross-threading. Once you tighten to the point where the slider spins despite your assistant trying to prevent that spinning, you are done.

Also - Good luck finding the 12mm and 17mm hex heads!!! I looked all over town and finally found them in a 3-pack of 12, 15 and 17 for $7.99 from AutoZone. Sears didn't carry any bigger than 12, and this was a big, ugly Allen Wrench for $9 and change. No luck with Parts America.

Suggestion - get these hex head tools before starting the job!
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