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Hi tdi,

Welcome! I was logged in yesterday as Tallwoman (my partner's ID) 'cause she's got DSL on her PC. :) Do you have a silver 650? Have glasses and a 3/4 helmet? If so, I know Lynn and I keep passing you on Bucks Co. roads. Maybe we can get together soon and do a ride--there are other Bucks Co. folks here, including ZenDan.

I'm sure you'll find Burger's to be a great place to do business. Turns out the owner's father, Dick, who works there, was Lynn's grade school principal. Feel free to mention our names. The service guy (Wayne?) is very straightforward. And their whole attitude toward scoots was great. No condescension. Their price for the 400 was the best I'd seen in the area. They must be moving 'em too 'cause a month ago there were several Silverwings and Burgies and yesterday there was only one Silverwing and a couple of new Burgies.

Happy riding,

Bryna (aka Short Woman) :wink:
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