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For resident gear heads

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I read a thread here recently where one of our resident gear heads found a lot of rust between the engine and CVT , and mentioned that they wanted to see one that has less miles to compare it to . The following is one I just pulled apart with 4200 miles on it . Both the engine and CVT sides were in near sterile and perfect mechanical condition . The CVT was as new perfect as was the clutch . On another note , after pulling this apart last night I checked the parts fiche to see what a complete CVT would cost ..............

OMG $3,800 ???????? :sad1:

No wonder LeDude says these are disposable scoots .

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looks pretty good, i'd like to clean mine in a few miles more, just to learn how to take it apart.
I bought this basically to learn more about these since I am a new owner of a Burg 650 . I now know pretty much how to take them apart from the plastics down to the last bits on the motor / engine . I have one word to describe working on a 650 Burg ........TEDIOUS ! If you have the patients , the tools and the manual you can repair these yourself even the catastrophic failures . I forgot to mention you'll need lots of room to put all these parts as you remove them .

Now that I know where every thing is on these I feel better , I hate it when some thing goes wrong and I'm in the dark about it . The MOST important thing I learned is I don't want to work on the Burg 650 , maybe some minor tasks but not a total take down for a catastrophic failure . Guys like LaDude and MJR etc must have the patients of Job . Also you hear about these 3 & 4 thousand dollar repair bills , truth be told that's not all that bad for the amount of work that's involved . The question is , is your burg worth the repair bill ? I have my doubts on repairing one of these that already have a lot of miles on them .

If a person wants to keep his higher mile scoot , I think he would be better off buying a super low mileage wreck and replacing the entire drive train . Or take the plastics off the one with the failure and putting them on the wreck ?

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I hear what you say BUT you have stripped out the CVT assembly so that you know how to do it and take away the fear factor. But then state you do not want to work on the Burgman. Ye Gods you have done the most difficult job bar none on a Burgman 650 well bar putting it back together.

Anyway, I take my hat off to you, I am a professional engineer and I would NEVER have taken this machine apart out of curiosity alone .:wave: If mine ever goes South I will strip it down without hesitation but until then - this one is for riding.;)

What happened is I was on Craigslist last week (cheap entertainment) , an ad came up or a 2003 rolling chassis in a city an hour away . Frame motor wheels some other bits and no radiator ignition or keys , 4200 miles on it . Dirt cheap price so I call , it was a police auction special no title . I'm talking to the guy and I can tell he wants it gone needs the space . I tell him I'll pay the asking price if he delivers it to my house . He says I'm delivering a car that way so no problem . They helped me get it up on my HF lift and I've been pulling it apart in my spare time . I knew I could get my money back parting it out no problem , so I get the experience on some one else's dime . Now I pretty much know where all the bodies are buried on this thing . I feel like I have a pretty good picture in my minds eye of how this thing works .

I'm not what you would call a very good mechanic , but once I do one and understand how it works I do OK . Also I have 3 blown disc in 2-3 3-4 4-5 and arthritis in 5 so I am limited . I can take the motor apart on a bar stool with the motor on the lift without to much trouble / pain . I'm really glad I did it , it was more fun than watching TV in the evening .

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Well that little project is in the history books and I'm really glad I took it on . I would recommend any one who is apprehensive about these do the same . Or help some one else repairing one of these catastrophic failures . Watching the videos , reading the manual , looking at the parts fiche and asking questions will make a reasonably competent wrencher out of any one . Even me :D


Case split

Other side case split

This is the gear a top the bearing that mich videoed
See his eureka moment here LOL

this is the underside with the bad bearing from video

Is this the Polish hole ? :D

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I think that what LeDude said in his last sentence in the above post ("In the meantime people should stop worrying about when their 650 is going to fail and simply enjoy it.) is so true.


Personally I'm not worried about it at all , I bought right and know how to part a bike out . That said for a lot of financially strapped people , one of these events could be the difference in riding and not riding . :(

Are all those gears, bearings, and pulleys the reason the Burgman makes so many strange noises?

I seem to hear a new noise each time I ride but since it's running, changing gear, and under warranty I just keep on truckin:)
To add to your listening pleasure there's a whole bunch more in the final drive :p

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