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For resident gear heads

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I read a thread here recently where one of our resident gear heads found a lot of rust between the engine and CVT , and mentioned that they wanted to see one that has less miles to compare it to . The following is one I just pulled apart with 4200 miles on it . Both the engine and CVT sides were in near sterile and perfect mechanical condition . The CVT was as new perfect as was the clutch . On another note , after pulling this apart last night I checked the parts fiche to see what a complete CVT would cost ..............

OMG $3,800 ???????? :sad1:

No wonder LeDude says these are disposable scoots .

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Are all those gears, bearings, and pulleys the reason the Burgman makes so many strange noises?

I seem to hear a new noise each time I ride but since it's running, changing gear, and under warranty I just keep on truckin:)
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