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Last year, in March or April, after doing some research, I'd decided to replace my little Honda 250 by buying a Burgie 400. I put together some money for the purchase. I was just beginning to talk to a couple of dealers when the wife's car died - hard. So, instead of buying a new bike, the money went for a replacement car. Arg.

I hunkered down and waited for my next opportunity - which came recently with a pretty good bonus check from my employer.

So after work on Monday, I rode down to Del Amo Motorsports in Redondo Beach, check book in hand, to (finally) buy a 400, their last one in stock, only to find out that someone had beat me to it the day before.


I refuse to give up or give in! So now I'm waiting for the dealer to cast about to see if they can come up with another one. I'm giving them until tomorrow, then I'm gonna start shopping other dealers. Wish me luck.
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Hopefully your dealer will locate you another pretty quick ... before your wife finds out about the bonus check. :lol:

Thats a bummer but hang in there because it will be worth the wait.
bonus check

billmeek said:
Hopefully your dealer will locate you another pretty quick ... before your wife finds out about the bonus check. :lol:
That's good Bill
If she finds out he may be shopping for shoes.
Good luck on your 400 hunt Dilvish
Yee haw! I finally picked up my Blue 'man tonight. The ride home was wet and chilly, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Wow, what a diference.

No...if the weather would just clear this weekend so I can put some miles on my new scoot.
Congratulations on the new Burgman 400 dilvish. I'm sure (once the weather cooperates) you'll have a blast on your new toy.
Congratulations! Enjoy the new 400!
Congrats!!!!!! Glad to hear you finally got the 400
Well, the weather did cooperate and I was able to put a few more miles on the odometer today. Nice, nice, nice!

I'm loving it, although the Burgie gets up to speeds so inconspicuously, that I'd find myself having to throttle back frequently (I'm doing 60? Could have sworn it was only 45...).

The longer wheelbase (longer than the bike I just sold, anyway) changes turning dynamics a bit, and I find myself turning a bit wider than I should - something else to get used to.

Now I'm the one dealing with the windscreen and buffeting and helmet choice. Gotta go back and read those threads again. :D
I swear I could make a fortune selling anti wrinkle cream just for the Burgman SMILES :D
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