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Fog / Driving light for the Burger?

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Has anyone installed a set of fog or driving lights on their Burger? Any info or pictures would be great.
(Less than 30 days left in this hell hole called IRAQ!)
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I briefly use the passing light button to give my eyes a momentary perspective. If it's any foggier than that, the car behind me probably can't see me.

Hey GreenArmyMan,
The floating IP info signature you're using is really neat.
I work 40 miles north of Las Vegas. When working 2nd shift I have 30+ miles of solid blackness on the highway. There are coyotes and other stray desert animals that tend to wander across the road. Since the speed limit is 70 MPH and Im doing 80 MPH. I need lighting for the sides of the road. Im not even sure where I would mount a pair of lights. On the forks it would be shaded by the fairing. Any ideas?
Greengoose said:
Has anyone installed a set of fog or driving lights on their Burger? Any info or pictures would be great.
I have not installed fog/driving lights on my 650, as the superior lighting that comes stock on the machine is all I need. 8)
However, if you want the one of the best auxiliary motorcycle lights money can buy, check out MotoLight.

A bit spendy for my tastes ( :shock: $300+), but I know some folks who swear by them.
There are no pictures on their site of a Burgman mounting them, but there are a couple of Honda Silver Wings sporting Motolights.

Click on photos to see bigger images.
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I would like to ask a favor of someone. Since Im stuck in IRAQ. I cant measure my Burg. I went to Motolight and Im considering the brake caliper mount light. What I want to know is: How many inches is it from the top bolt of the caliper to the ground. They recommend 12"-24" off the ground. Just curious what the distance is on the burg since it has smaller wheels.
Hi Bryan just did the measurement for you. TO the top bolt on caliber is 16 1/2 ". Seems to fall within the tolerance you seek :lol:
AWESOME! I wrote them and asked if it would fit the Burgman front calipers. I just received an email from them:

We know which bracket to send, I will still need you to give me the length, pitch and diameter of the bolts."

I guess I can figure that out when I get home,.....unless we have a mechanically inclined person who knows that sort of information on the bolts.

(I so much want to be back home....Clicking my boots together..theres no place like home.....)
Coming home!

Hey buddy, keep your spirits up my friend. Hopefully you will be home very soon. Listen Bryan, you have a lot of foks around the world who care about you even if we don't know you on a personal basis. You created a wonderful Burgman site and we all appreciate you for your efforts and creativity. You are to be commended for a job well done.
Stay strong!
If you can wait untill tonight I will tell you what bolt size it is as well. It's 5:30am and -25 degrees and I have to head to work......brrrrr.
I just got off the phone with MOTO LIGHTS. Yes, I did call from IRAQ. She said they have been working on the Burgman caliper mounts and she said she would do the final footwork to get the bolt measurements. From what I could gather from my conversation, being the not so good connection that it was. I ordered a set and I should be the first to get a set of custom Burgman Moto lights. I "should" be home in Feb to install them along with my clearview shield.
How do you like the moto lites Greengoose. I am planning on putting on a set, but dont want to spend that muchon them. Any one have any sugestions, was looking at some at Cdn Tire about $60cdn :?: :idea: Wayne
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