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Good evening to all.
I have k7 burgman with 18k miles on it. When i start a day,going to work in the morning,it runs like a champ.But second ignition,it lights up a fl light and it doesent go away.
Shakes a bit and loses a throthle,like something is choking it.
Can somebody pls tell me what is wrong with it if you have an idea?

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Hello, the FI light is like a check engine light on a car. It is telling you that the electronic control unit on you bike has detected a bad reading from one of the sensors it uses to control the ignition and/or fuel injection system. To find out what it has detected you will need to put the ECU into dealer mode. That will let you see the trouble code that points to the fault. You can do that yourself by making a connection between two pins in a connector up near the fuse box. With that connection made the code will be displayed on the dash. Once you have the code you can look up what it means in a service manual.

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You'll want to spend some time perusing the Burgman Knowledge Base. Here's a link to the sub-topic of Diagnostics.

The second link will have pictures of the connector and which two pins to short out. A paperclip works well. You'll get the code to show on the dash and then you can look in the table to see what that translates to.

Good luck. Please let us know what you find.

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